Cancellation Policy

More than 48 hours’ notice, full refund provided.

48 hours’ notice 50% refundable.

24 hours’ notice non-refundable.


By cancelling bookings at short notice cause our professionals to lose out on valuable work.

We understand that sometimes life gets in the way and you may need to reschedule your booking with us, however we operate a strict cancellation policy so that our professionals do not lose out on valuable work as a result.

Regular cancellations may affect your opportunity to book with us in the future.

Notified Cancellations:

If you kindly give us more than 48 hours’ notice, we will be able to offer; either a Full Refund or Bank the hours and transfer them over to the following booking.

Missed appointments:

If a professional arrives at the property but is unable to gain access or start the job the booking will be Non-Refundable.

Our minimum time policy:

Two Hours.