Open Fringe Cashmere Shawl


THE FABRIC – PURE CASHMERE – 2 PLY The cashmere fibres themselves come from Inner Mongolia, the border region between China and Mongolia where the cashmere goats roam freely. The happier the goats, the better the yarn. The cashmere fibres in this scarf are long and just 14-16 microns in diameter. We regularly test random samples to ensure the quality stays consistently high. This scarf is 100% pure cashmere. It has been woven with a classic twill weave.

The yarn itself is 2ply, 28 count pure cashmere. Many pure cashmere scarves are sold with brushed fabric. This gives the fabric a thicker appearance, however lots of the fibres are broken and so the life of the item is shorter. This large scarf is not brushed, so it is very durable and like a fine carpet it will appear to get better the more it is used. DYE AND FINISHING Your cashmere scarf is finished with an open fringe at both ends. Only environmentally friendly AZO free Swiss dyes to give your pashmina its colour are used. This design has been dyed in a process similar to screen printing by hand.

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This large cashmere scarf or ‘wrap’ is 200cm long and 45 cm wide. The length means that you can double it up and pull it through the loop, and it will hang to your waist.

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Natural White, Grape Leaf, Red Violet